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View Videocon TV in India. Total 57 Videocon TV available in India online. Videocon TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.11,990. The lowest price model is Videocon Sapphire Plus VAD22FH-NF Full HD LCD Television. Most popular Videocon TV is Videocon VJE32FH AOA LED TV priced at Rs. 22,880. The current top Videocon TV in India are Videocon VJE32FH AOA LED TV, Videocon VKC40FH LED TV, Videocon VAD32HH 32 HD LCD TV With Built in Set top box, Videocon Celista Plus VJK40FF-ZM 40 Inch Full HD LED Television, Videocon Sapphire VAD32FH-BX 32 inches LCD TV. The online price was last updated on 29 Jul, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Videocon Industries Ltd., better known and generally referred to as Videocon, operates in four different segments. It was initiated by Mr. Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot in the year 1986 as Adhigam Trading Private Ltd. Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances is one of the segments where Videocon is known the most. Other three segments are Telecommunications; Crude Oil and Natural Gas; and Power. Though the company started its production with televisions and washing machines. It was not long after, it was some time in between 1989 and 1990, when the company also ventured into manufacturing electric motors, home entertainment devices, air conditioners, etc. It was sometime in between the years 1990 and 1991, when there came many changes in the management of the company along with the transfer of shares to the Videocon Group. Along with the transdfer of shares, came the change in name to Videocon. And by the same year, the company was also manufacturing coolers and refrigerators as well. Within the next few years, Videocon started with CRT glass shells as well, and then in the year 1996, it was also producing appliances for kitchen as well. And then it gradually ventured into crude oil segment too. Within a time period of next 2 years, the company was also manufacturing compressor motors and compressors. It was in the year 2000 when Philips Color TV Plant was taken over by Videocon. Four years down the lane, Videocon merged with Petrocon India Ltd, which helped Videocon in its business in oil and gas. The original name Videocon Leasing & Industrial Finance Ltd. Was changed to Videocon Industries Ltd. Around the same time. To count yet more, Videocon Securities Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, was set up. The very next year, in 2005, three plants of Electrolux India were over taken by Videocon, the same year it also had acquired Thomson Color Picture Tube. The same year was acquired Hyundai Electronics as well. Reaching the year 2006, Electrolux Kelvinator Ltd., which was at this time known as EKL Appliances Ltd., had also amalgamated with Videocon. Soon Verizon, the US telecom company, tied up with Videocon, thus offering international long-distance services in India via Videocon. Come 2007, and Planet M was acquired as well. There on, Videocon started growing internationally as well. By the year 2009, the company was given a new identity. Videocon Industries also has a completely owned subsidiary, Videocon Telecommunications Ltd., which operates worldwide for mobile communications and services. Today, Videocon has interests in Mozambique, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and East Timor. Videocon has brought many firsts to India, starting from the first tilt drum washing machine, followed by frost free refrigerators. It was Videocon who brought the first flat tube for black-and-white TV and PIP in color TV in India. This and today there is Videocon VJF65PA-XS 65 inches Full HD DDB LED Television, one of the most popular Videocon TV in India. Also, it was Videocon who had brought rotary compressors in aircon for the first time in India. Now all these achievements have been mentioned, it here is a must to mention that it was not an easy route to success. Videocon had to strive hard. There was some strong, continuous and rigorous market study involved; there was some smart and strong dealer network formation involved; there was some strategy building involved; all this along with patience. The company invests in research and development to constantly innovate its products, which brings us products like 60.96cm (24) Technia LED TV VJG24HH-ZM, which is one of the latest Videocon TV model released by the company. With constantly updating its portfolio, the company not only brings innovation to the world but also smartens itself up. The TVs that the company launches are models such that are climatically suited to India. With much focus on researching, in the year 2009-2010, Videocon released integrated digital TV (iDTV), which also had an in-built DTH along with MPEG $ DVB-S2 digital signal; LED TV which had nano-pixels and a slim design was also launched the same year; yet another introduction was made in this year, Smart TV with Internet TV platform was launched, this popular Videocon TV available in India allowed live chatting, video conferencing, browsing, emailing, bluetooth, etc., thus making it a true smart TV. Videocon brings TV models like the Titanium LED series, which utilizes NANOPIX Engine; 3D LED TV to give a new dimension of TV viewing as an experience. Later on, the company added Hurricane and Tornado series of TV, which along with Titanium were LCD models, full HD 1080 pixel resolution, with Digital Cinema Reality engine, in short and better known as DCRe, a unique feature in these selected range of televisions, ultimately leading to improved picture quality, natural, and true-to-life colors. Also, Titanium series was updated with digital video boosting station, also DVBS, which gave a super contrast ratio of 1,00,000:1, thus leading to a dramatically improved picture quality. Videocon brings features like Bluetooth, touch control function in CRT TVs as well, SRS technology in LED, unique and highly innovative RF remote control technology which allows controlling the TV from all 360 degrees, among many other features. For an easy reach to its consumers, the company has provided online shopping for Videocon TVs available in India option as well. One can online shop Videocon TVs in India via the many online retailers, some of the online available models are Videocon Sapphire Plus VAD22FH-NF Full HD LCD Television, Videocon VJF65PA-XS 65 inches Full HD DDB LED Television, and Videocon VJE32FH AOA LED TV, among many others. Below we have listed out some of the best of its segment Videocon TVs available online in India.

Expensive Videocon TV

Catering to Indian consumers, Videocon brings some of the best features available. And when there are the latest of technologies imbibed into a model, there has to be some price to be payed. There are many expensive Videocon TV available in India, which do seem expensive but once bought and thus experienced, it does not seem expensive any longer. One of the many such expensive Videocon TV is Videocon VJF65PA-XS 65 inches Full HD DDB LED Television, which can burn a hole of Rs. 2.10 lakh.

Cheap Videocon TV

With Videocon, there nothing remains to imagine. Whatever is there that one would have imagined in the ideal TV set for a household, will be put to reality by the company. Though, there are some real low priced Videocon TVs available online in India, none of them lack features. Even the cheapest Videocon TV in India would be loaded of features and specifications. One such example is Videocon Sapphire Plus VAD22FH-NF Full HD LCD Television, which is available online for a mere Rs.11,990. The fact to be noted is that this low cost Videocon TV is low only in price, not in features.

Top 5 Videocon TV

Videocon is one of the most trusted brands in India, all thanks to the high quality maintained by the company, regular updations, and the high frequency of innovative products. Being such a company increases the expectations of the consumers. Though there are many popular Videocon TV models, however consumers are quite biased towards some out of these most loved products. Below is such a list of top 5 Videocon TV available online in India: Videocon VJE32FH AOA LED TV, Videocon VKC40FH LED TV, Videocon VAD32HH 32 HD LCD TV With Built in Set top box, Videocon Celista Plus VJK40FF-ZM 40 Inch Full HD LED Television, Videocon Sapphire VAD32FH-BX 32 inches LCD TV. ....view more
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