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Sony has been making headlines with their innovative product lines from the time the company was formed. What earlier was called Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute took a rebirth as the widely known Sony. The brand name Sony is supposed to have been chosen to combine Sonus and Sonny to represent a group of youngsters passionate on innovating new products beneficial to everybody. What was a small company in Japan in the year 1946 has grown up to be a widely recognized, internationally respected global company today. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers and a household name when it comes to consumer electronics. Sony manufactures a wide variety of electronics from cameras, home audio systems, and televisions to tablets, laptops and robots. One of the areas where Sony has a strong presence and hold is in the television market. Sony manufactured the world’s first ever direct view portable TV in the year 1960. The innovations and the creative products never stopped coming. Any new technology which will prove beneficial to consumers was lapped up by Sony and new product lines were launched based on that technology. Sony BRAVIA is one the most popular Sony TV series, which is also available for online shopping in India.

Recently, 3D television has become the crowd puller in the television market. The new technology used in 3D television makes it possible for the viewer to realize depth in the images. Various techniques can be employed by different televisions to give the viewer an experience to perceive the additional dimension. The principle of stereoscope invented in 1838 is the basic technology used in 3D televisions. The recent 3D televisions use polarized or active shutter 3D systems. Some 3D televisions are wearable 3D televisions and some are autosteroescopic, which means the 3D effects can be experienced without the use of glasses. In October 2012, Sony launched the world’s first wearable 3D TV. It had a 45 degree full cinematic wide screen. It also had a perfect high definition 2D and 3D gaming display and personal cinematic display. It comes with a head mounted personal 3D viewer, which features high response OLED screens for each eye. It reproduces images without blurring and produces bright and deep colors.

Sony has been catering to all budgets of all segments and most of the models are available online in India as well. Be it the most popular Sony 3D TV or the most expensive Sony 3D TV, it all is available for online shopping. Models like Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 46" KDL-46W950A, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 40" KDL-40W900A, Sony 55 Inch 3D LED Smart TV - KDL-55W950 are some of the most searched for products available in India from Sony.

Popular Sony 3D TV

Sony is one of the top manufacturers of consumer electronics. The 3D televisions manufactured by Sony are becoming more popular by the day. Sony is one of the leading brands which manufacture 3D televisions. With all the latest technologies and innovations being put in Sony 3D TVs, many of these models have gained huge popularity. And have been gaining popularity by the day. Of all the models available in India, the most popular Sony 3D TV is Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 46" KDL-46W950A, costing around Rs. 95,999.

Expensive Sony 3D TV

Sony manufactures a variety of television sets for all purposes and to suit everybody. A person with high interest in technology will also be satisfied by the Sony products. Everything comes for a price. It is no surprise that the best of the best products are more expensive than others. And none of the expensive Sony 3D TV in India would ever seem expensive, thanks to the technologies imbibed within. The current most expensive Sony 3D TV is Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000, which can ask you to shell out around Rs. 15.94 lakh.

Cheap Sony 3D TV

Sony manufactures televisions for people from all walks of life. Even though Sony 3D TVs are more expensive than other televisions from Sony, there are some televisions which are cheaper than the rest. However, even though these are the low priced Sony 3D TV, but are not to be overlooked because they fall under the economy category. Of all the economical models, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 40" KDL-40W900A is one of the cheapest Sony 3D TV available in India at a price tag of around Rs.77,699.

Top 5 Sony 3D TV

Sony is known for the creative ideas and innovative products. The 3D television is one such example. Sony products give the owners a sense of peace and comfort. Below is a list of top 5 Sony 3D TVs:Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 46" KDL-46W950A, Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 55" KDL-55W800A, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 40" KDL-40W900A, Sony Bravia KD-55X9004A X Series (4K) 55 Inches 3D LED Television.

Latest Sony 3D TV

When it comes to innovations, Sony is among the leaders. And if it is innovations in the field of televisions, Sony tops the charts, with all its televisions being loved the most. Every once in a while, new products are being launched by Sony. One of the latest Sony 3D TV and yet the most loved is Sony 55 Inch 3D LED Smart TV - KDL-55W950.
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