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View LG TV in India. Total 224 LG TV available in India online. LG TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.3,575. The lowest price model is LG Color TV 14 Inches 14CS4ABAJATRBLIN. Most popular LG TV is LG 32LB5820 Full HD LED TV priced at Rs. 33,490. The current top LG TV in India are LG 32LB5820 Full HD LED TV, LG 42PN4500 42 Inch HD Plasma Television, LG 42LA6620 42 Inches Cinema 3D LED Television, LG 22 Inch LED TV - 22LN4305, LG 32LN5110 LED TV. The online price was last updated on 25 Jul, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. LG Electronics, the prime group of LG Group, is second to Samsung in TV manufacturing. It is a South Korean MNC that ventures into five major fields: Mobile Communications, Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Energy Solutions, and Air Conditioning. It was originally established as GoldStar, about half a century ago, in 1966, after having manufactured and sold radios, when the company had started manufacturing black and white television sets in Korea. The company produced its first black and white TV, VD-191, in 1996, with the first color television production starting in the year 1977 and was eventually exported to the US. By the year 1981, when colored broadcasting started in the country, LG had developed the first ever projection TV in Korea; also, by this time, the company had been producing around 20 different color TV models. A decade later, with gradual research and development, came the first high quality LG color TV which also supported DOLBY surround system. In the year 1995, the company got the face that it has today. The name, LG, came as a combination of Lucky and GoldStar, and brought a revolution in the arena of electronic gadgets, starting with flat panel TVs, pushing back the huge and heavy TV sets, this was the time when the Korea saw an LCD TV. And then soon LG also gave the world its slimmest TV, which measured a total of 40-inches. Year 2001 saw the first ever time machine feature in a TV, thus the world could now on be busy the whole day and record their favorite programs to watch it later. LG took the CES and world in a swipe with its 2008 launch of PDP and LCD model TVs, the models that made LG win awards for the best innovations. By the year 2010, LG gave the world another “first” in the field of TVs with the first range of Full LED Cinema 3D TV and in the same year also launched world-wide the same version with a size of 72 inches of screen as well. The very next year, that is 2011, the world started watching television smartly with Cinema 3D Smart TV. With a great and gracious history, LG has never seen back since its inception. With great technological advancements, LG TV offers some of the best television models in India that are more about action and less on blurred views. Be it a small sized one or a plasma theatre, LG strives to bring the best to its consumers, putting on plate options like smart TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, 3D TVs, plasma TVs, LED LCD TVs, and many other color TVs. Light weight models with features like the thinnest of measurements, light weight glasses, high definition pictures, minute detailing, TV recording, high quality colors, contract, etc., ask for it and LG TV available in India has it all. And it is not just features, LG TVs win us over with the looks and styles, the way these televisions are carved can never stop winning hearts. What more can be asked for when LG adds on sound clarity, intelligent sensors to its products. High speed internet, high quality picture clarity, both at largest of small screens are made available by LG at quite affordable prices. What was once a household commodity has now become a fashion-statement with LG TVs. LG TV price in India have been tagged such that each and everyone can accommodate it in their budgets to stay ahead of others. And now since people are always running short on time, and thus gradually shifting to online shopping by and large, LG TV available online in Indiaare seeing an ever rise. In the text below, we bring forth a few of the LG TV models that can be called the best among the particular section. Popular LG TV To name a few popular LG TV is one of the toughest part, since the manufacturer has always believed in regularly updating it portfolio of products, and specially when it comes to television sets, LG has done all the possible research and development leading to various innovations. However still, the top most popular LG TVs, on the basis of build quality, features, specifications, research and development, consumer satisfaction, overall price, etc is the LG 32LB5820 Full HD LED TV priced at Rs. 33,490. Expensive LG TV in India Now that LG has been researching and developing it products this well, the products have to be ranged at prices that the input cost is well recovered. There are a few high-priced LG TV in India portfolio; though none of it can be called expensive, since the prices have been fixed as per the features and technology provided. Below we bring you the top most expensive LG TV in India: LG 84LM9600 84 Inches Smart LED Television priced at Rs. 13.04 lakh. Cheap LG TV in India LG as a company has always made it a point to take care of all its consumers, serving with the best of its products for all budgets, budgets that touch the sky, budgets that might not be able to fit in the sky. Though there are many low priced LG TVs available in India, not one can be called cheap. And then, once the company given low priced products, they still make sure to load it with all the possible features. These low priced LG television sets are one of the most loved TVs in India. LG Color TV 14 Inches 14CS4ABAJATRBLIN for Rs.3,575 is the cheapest LG TV in the market. Top 5 LG TV in India No doubt India is in love with LG TVs. And LG seems to be responding to our love equally. Though, there definitely is competition, but still, LG keeps emerging as the most loved among all brands of TVs in India. However, there is much internal competition among all LG TVs available in India. The list below lists the top 5 LG TVs made with a model's demand, quality, visibility, features, etc., in mind : LG 32LB5820 Full HD LED TV, LG 42PN4500 42 Inch HD Plasma Television, LG 42LA6620 42 Inches Cinema 3D LED Television, LG 22 Inch LED TV - 22LN4305, LG 32LN5110 LED TV. Latest LG TV in India Television is something that people prefer to b huge, if space allows. Also, with the latest trend of creating a theatre of its own, with more and more people starting to organize movie-shows at the largest of small screen at their homes, innovation in this field is a must. And LG has been innovating religiously, since long. In fact, LG has given some the very first-of-its-kind televisions to the world, and had never seen back. Latest LG TV available online in India is the LG 84UB9800 4K Ultra HD LED TV. ....view more
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