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View Flat TV in India. Total 1 Flat TV available in India online. Flat TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.5,950. The lowest price model is LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN. Most popular Flat TV is LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN priced at Rs. 5,950. The current top Flat TV in India are LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN. The online price was last updated on 14 Apr, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases.

Television, the most commonly and widely used medium of entertainment, was discovered with the motive of facilitating mass communication. This type of communication was dedicated to the transmission of information to masses, other than the usual one-to-one communication. It has, since long been used for transmitting and receiving moving images accompanied by sounds, which in general, are called videos and are delivered to us through TV, and has been available in the market since the late 1930s. Since then, it has moved on from being a medium of communication, to becoming the most popular medium of entertainment. Getting to the firsts, Abbe Giovanni is regarded as the first person to transmit a still image over the wires with the invention of Pantelegraph in the year 1862. Years later in 1873, scientists May and Smith experimented with the possibilities of transforming images into electronic signals. In 1900, at the World’s Fair held in Paris, Congress of Electricity was organized and the word ‘television’ was used for the first time. Then in 1906, Lee de Forest built a vacuum tube that worked in the first mechanical working television and in 1940, Peter Goldmark invented the first color television with 343 lines of resolution. It took almost 8 years for the introduction of cable television and was first experienced in Pennsylvania. In the year 1962, AT&T launched Telstar, the first satellite to carry TV broadcasts. To quote from history, the first transmission was carried out from the moon on 20 July 1969, a spectacle, viewed by 600 million people. By the end of 1972, color TVs became the in-trend machine and took its place in more than half of the houses. Not before the early 2000s, did the public and commercial broadcasters progressively introduce digital television broadcasting technology.

Talking specifically of the flat screen TVs, the early era of television was dominated by huge and bulky curved screen televisions using cathode ray tube technology, also known as CRT TVs but after decades, came the television sets in flat screen models that started erasing the former from the market. Since their introduction in the 90s, flat screen TVs were quickly able to capture the market with the help of their superior picture and comparatively compact size, so much that the trend even continues today with LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN being touted as the most popular flat TV in India. The technology used to produce these TV sets has further evolved very rapidly, allowing for larger screen sizes along with better viewing experience. Talking about the first flat screen TV, it was invented in July 1964, at the University of Illinois, by a group of people. Later that year, it was revealed to the crowd and publicized as a proof of the concept device. Soon after the development of the first flat screen display, manufacturers started showing more inclination towards liquid crystal displays (LCDs) inspite of the plasma technology. This change in trend was majorly because, at that time, LCD screens could be built much larger than the plasma screens and could be operated more efficiently. On the contrary, the development of LCD televisions was to delay the sales of true flat screens, for many years. In the year 1997, two big names in the electronics equipments market, Sharp and Sony, introduced the first large flat screen TV. This specific television was created using the PALC technology and measured 42inches, a record size at that time. Soon after its launch, the manufacturers were quick to realize that the PALC technology was too expensive and unreliable for mass usage, and therefore, abandoned in favor of the plasma. In the next decade, prices for plasma flat screens started falling with the improvement in technology. Throughout this time, researchers were also trying their hand at making the LCD screens more viable, and by the early 21st century, many brands were producing large LCD screens touching about 30inches, but plasma TVs were still on the top with size larger than 50inches.

Television has reached great heights, and has become an undetachable part of every property whether, office, shops, malls or houses. It’s ‘necessity’ status in our lives has made its purchase a cumbersome task with so much pondering over queries like, which brand is the best, what type of TV should be purchased, what size, etc. To add to this, is the paucity of time, not only with corporates but with households as well, to reach out to different shops looking for the best Flat TV. To mitigate this problem comes many online retailers like flipkart, infibeam, cromaretail, MirchiMart, etc., who offer a wide variety of Flat TVs for online sale along with many options to compare prices and specifications of different TVs.

Popular Flat TV

Popularity of televisions is something that cannot be questioned. It is an integral part of everyone’s life, none of us can even dream of a week without it. It would not be wrong to say that 7 days without television would make one weak. Apart from being a medium of communication, a medium of entertainment, it has gradually reached a height where, it is an important medium of escape for many. Television is responsible for allowing people to connect with the world, for it helps one to know what is going on around the world, and not only about their own country. The electronic market being flooded with big and small brands are now supported by the online TV shopping sites, which apart from facilitating the purchase of different brands from a single place, also allows the user to review and compare many products. Among the many televisions available in India, LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN is the most popular Flat TVs available online in India.

Expensive Flat TV

Technology is advancing with every passing minute and with this advancement, the devices running on such technology also changes. All the expenses borne on the research and development of such digital technology, in turn raises the price of the devices created for it. Television being a part of it is no exception. The general things which one can notice in a highly priced flat television is that, it must be offering a high picture contrast ratio, the screen size is large, or the speakers are great and technologically sound. Each of these features adds on the cost of a Flat TV and especially the cost rises, with every inch increase in the screen size. The LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN is one of the expensive Flat TVs available online in India at a price of Rs. 5,950, which when compared to other Flat TVs seems pretty expensive but once switched on, no one can deny that it is worth all that expense.

Cheap Flat TV

Long gone is the time when expensive was the defining term for televisions. Everyone now knows what importance a television bears, that one might not have a fridge in summers but would surely have a television in house. It is a source of entertainment for everyone. It does not matter if the person is a 60-year-old retired man or a 15-year-old teen, television is required by everyone for obvious reasons, and that is what the manufacturers also understand. For quite a long time, every single electronics equipment manufacturer has been trying to bring out low cost, technologically advanced televisions for the budget conscious segment of the market, and with recent developments in technology, it is now a reality. LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN is one among the low priced Flat TV available online in India at just Rs.5,950. The most prominent characteristics that allows distinguishing between it, and a high priced Flat TV, is the screen size.

Top 5 Flat TV

Being one of the most demanding and flourishing electronic markets with special emphasis on televisions, there have always been so many different brands, both domestic and international, in the Indian market. And, with so many brands around, the competition to get to the top is surely a tough one, but at last, it is the consumers who can decide what is best for them. From there only, we bring top five flat televisions in India. Some of the all time favorite flat televisions are: LG Color TV 21FE3BG3AZATRRLFN.

Latest Flat TV

All the brands in the country want to keep themselves highlighted in the news, for them to be more familiar to the consumers. The only way to be in the minds of people is the new launches. It would not be wrong to say that televisions are the most demanded and technologically advanced devices around, and why wouldn’t they be, after all, these are the devices that enjoy the biggest market in the country. Recently came out the Philips 21" UltraSlim Flat CRT TV 21PT3326 Matt Finish 1Yr Manufacturer Warranty which is the latest Flat TV available for sale online in India and it shows another attempt of a brand at what we previously discussed.

Upcoming Flat TV

Every single brand strives to get the biggest possible market share, as the television industry in India is the most promising one, and expected to grow even further in the coming years. So, this only is the time for brands to come up with interesting products and make a mark in the hearts of consumers, which will benefit them in the future.
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